Three months from now I took a sudden decision of getting into Amal Fellowship, if you are someone like me you might’ve ignored that text message which was on my SIM ( Its that abandoned area where I still have over 499+ texts) so for this message to get lost in there would’ve been obvious but instead I said “to heck with it” and just applied for it.

Now to demonstrate what it was like before and how it is now, I’ll like to talk about Grass.

She just decided to model for the pic and she’s not some cat to be messed with, trust me.

There are a lot of things around us that we ignore in our daily life, grass is one of them, there are several interesting facts about the plant life that grows outside of the house(considering that home grown plants are more fragile and prone to be dead if not taken care of).

Basically my point

Outdoor plants are stepped on, they sustain a harsh environment and face all sorts of ups and downs and yet grow like it was nothing. I was like that too, I was part of a grass, I was not managed. After joining Amal, the questions I get to think of in “Think about your Life Map” wait what? What is a life map? I was confused because I never thought about it like that in my life and the “Knowing yourself” course was full of it.

The growth

I became a part of other members like me and just like grass, we were growing together each at their own pace (1 aur 1 giyara), we were speaking up to those mind bending questions without knowing any knowledge of where it would take us(Amal) and we were told to gaze into the future and think about your goals and not just any goals but SMART goals where we need to be precise where we will be in the next 3 months, it was to see our own potential and where we lie in it(Khudi).

In the End

I can summarize my journey so far with a meme gif ( yes you thought it was over?).

A curious minded fella who's head is over the clouds and beyond most of the time.