Positive Reflection

There are countless moments in my Amal journey so far that had an impact on me and made me genuinely glad that I joined the fellowship. It is that small timeframe in the weekend that has a positive vibe to it and an excitement of learning something new. It was also the people in the fellowship who made it better by helping each other like a family from the first week.

One instance in particular was when we had a topic about gratitude from PASSENGER, we had to draw something on a peace of paper with kind words to someone who helped us in fellowship. It was the smiles on people’s face after they received the gratitude for their deeds that made me realize how everyone is deprived of common appreciation(now don’t take me for an optimist kind of person who makes sure their word should be like a ray sunshine to people).

I made sure that whenever I encounter people (mostly delivery guys and the security guard in my case), I make sure that they are acknowledged for doing something meaningful by saying a thank you and sometimes even with a tip just to let them know that they are doing great out there and most of the time I get a genuine response of thank you from them as well.

If I did not had that session that realization would not have been frequent or I would not have paid too much attention that “I don’t know, maybe they wouldn’t care” kind of thingy but I now believe that you can not repel kindness, it will always be a good thing to show that.