Thoughts of Wisdom

There is a major issue in our society where our younger generation are taught to focus more on the education side, to a point that most of that belonging to the BSEK system are just sheeps in a herd. Until they reach University and have some thinking of their own later on.

Now prior to that university period, they are not taught or advised when it comes to formulating their ideas or thinking process in anyway, hence they choose to follow whoever they think they should and 7/10 times it could be someone who is a bad influencer, result ? we’ll get individuals who are then mentally disturbed from the inconveniences of life, I mean what can you expect from them who are taught meaningless love poetry in their earlier years of education? or unstable enough where you get mentally disturbed upon losing in a game.

This is a major issue in our society, that when it comes to shaping their future while pursuing education they need some food for thoughts to shape their minds too. One of the good ways to formulate their thinking is by none other than getting advises from the elders who are full of wisdoms.

Since my audience was almost general I formed concrete questions and used Google Forms in order to get feedback for the idea, from a total 16 responses where 4 of them were taken from elder citizens in my neighborhood whereas the others are from adults who may or may not have observed this problem.

The majority do think it is crucial for kids/teenagers to have some sort of guidance from an elder on in their everyday life.

There are times when a younger individual may be prone to follow someone who is not completely deemed to be followed and hence the change in behavior can be catastrophic.

This question was focused on the adults and elders who are willing to give advise based on their life experience.

This question was focused on the younger generation might be more prone to wrong choice (which can be an experience itself ) as they are taking a leap of faith going with whatever option that felt good at that time without thinking of the consequences.

Now, keep in mind that the initiative is to force younglings into taking the decision which was advised to them, that is solely up to them how they want to approach the situation. The initiative is to give them more concrete and proven choices so that the path they carve from them could be based on those choices.

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