Lessons from the last session: To sum it all up

My journey of Amal has come to end, as someone who was a little skeptical about “fate”, it came into my life when I needed it the most along with some unexplainable actions that lead me to it which I still can’t comprehend but just glad that I took those actions.

At our last session, we had a discussion about doing what you like without a worry of work. This can have subjective answers, most would prefer to go all in and forget about your work every once in a while while others prefer to have a small ticking reminder in their heads to keep them on their toes even in their fun times. I am part of the latter, however I’d like to be part of the former here but the worries can sometimes be overwhelming and quite frequent.

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

– Leo F. Buscaglia

Now it may not be a worry and just a thought about the work but a person needs to be living the present, if you are having fun, have fun. If you are working, work, as simple as I can put it.

You usually enroll in several courses but the peers seem to be forgettable sometimes because everyone is focused on moving forward as their main goal instead of having a good healthy environment where everyone knows every other person( might be a no.8 in their list of goals). This time with Amal, it was different, we quickly started to break the ice by appreciating each other, it may have been a part of the assignment but it later became a habit and at the end of the fellowship, a part of me wants to do everything I can to make sure I don’t cut off any of the fellows so I added them in my social media not to annoy them everyday with a good morning post like the ones exists in our family whatsapp groups (yes that rose ones that somehow turns into a sun with an italic romantic font).

“Yes Officer, this stuff right here”

What I’d like to do is to be present in their social life, have small interactions once in a while about something they posted.

The first thing that Amal taught me was to ask the “why” of everything you do and what it can do in the future through “knowing yourself” and SMART goals.

Before the fellowship I was kind of a pessimist where I had more focus on “what can go wrong if I do this?” instead of putting more focus on the good side of it. Now after the fellowship, I can almost feel a small ray of light which may not always be there in every situation but it makes me focus more on the good side and to be a doer, “whatever happens after that, happens, we’ll see about that” it is where the principle Amal and Positive thinking comes in.

I now know how to prepare myself for the interview, how to answer those frequent but tricky questions such as “tell me about yourself?” “why should we hire you?” that they are not truly about me but about what value I can bring to the company along with PASSENGER, which is a roadmap of how to prepare myself, I have followed those steps and build my resume, cover letter and even sent my intro video that I made in the Project Work to ArpaTech, the company I want to work in and I got TWO interviews from there(unfortunately they were for a different position and it required some good amount of experience hence I had to say no and focus on polishing the skill).

The reason I said no to them is also because I just enrolled in a bootcamp of my field where the instructor is basically mentoring about what skills to get and how to get them. For someone without a background in engineering, think of this as a task based learning, there they teach you abc and expect you to learn from a-z in the next day (you’ll be kicked out of the bootcamp if you are not up to the pace) I feel like this is more important for me than to give interviews I learned that from Finding a mentor.


I am glad I applied for Amal fellowship program and I am also proud of myself that I even took the decision to come to the orientation( which was suppose to increase your chances of getting enrolled) by actually staying home alone while everyone else goes to my cousin’s engagement I ( I am writing this down because I had to dwell more than an hour to make a decision for this and because I made a right decision, here I am writing a medium blog). So far, to say that the journey was incredible would be an understatement. Finally I’d like to say, I may not have gone where I intended to go 3 months ago, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. :)

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