Losing weight and avoidance of unhealthy food.

At the start of the pandemic, when the world was struck by the lockdown everywhere and the government and many other organizations imposed the #WorkFromHome rule. Many people embraced their food eating habit to the next level and went out of shape in a matter of months, many other individuals went into self-realization that they need to do something about their health and body, I was part of the latter.

When it comes to losing weight, some would think it might just be about looking good but once you start on the path you realize it is much more than that. The healthy lifestyle and obesity has many disadvantages, some of them wouldn’t even seem relate to it at first. Such as feeling down, feeling unworthy, tendency to eat more often or eat something sweet when sad (I am part of this category) or just craving food even when you are not hungry, you also lose confidence in yourself, you start to doubt yourself a lot and tend to be more insecure with your body.

I was in that cycle of all kinds of negativity , unorder food cravings, doubt, unworthiness, you name it. I started my workout routine which was nothing too fancy, just a 20–30min treadmill, because of the lockdown, there was no chance of getting to a gym, there was no chance of “oh better luck next time” either. So I went the busy market of Saddar, Karachi and bought the cheapest electric treadmill we could find, although it was pretty costly still but it was a cost worth taking.

Before this week, this month became so hectic that it was hard to make time for workout but the SMART goal actually made me realize again why I started this in the first place and hence after 3 weeks, I did my treadmill run again and thanks to my heavy metal playlist I went for 10mins more before I start panting like I carried the ring from Rivendell to Mordor in 20mins instead of a a 9hr marathon ( yes that’s a LOTR reference ).

Its not just about having a workout, its about avoidance of heavy food as well and that is not an easy part when your normal everyday dish’s oil intake is so much that a “specific” country might invade it for the sake of freedom.

So it’s not just a phase where you avoid food, workout and voila! its about having control over your body and to know that there is a limit even when it comes to unhealthy food and to keep track of your calorie intake (writing this while I just had a burger).

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