Fixing stuff around yourself

When it comes to choosing what to fix around you, either not many stuff to find can be confusing but too many stuff to fix can be mind boggling as well, nonetheless it gives you an opportunity to fix a lot of things instead of just one.

In terms of all the things that confused me on what to fix? I chose one of my wardrobes as it is one of the places in the room that gets destroyed the most in wedding seasons where you try to find a specific outfit but somehow it *magically* disappears out of nowhere.

Now as I looked around I realize THAT isn’t the only thing that needs fixing especially when you are sharing a room with your sibling.

So now that I figured out what needs some fixing, it was time to get into my prison mike outfit for the sake of winter as well.

As a person who likes things to be organized so I could be able to find them when I need them instead of hearing people around the house saying “It was right here yesterday! “ even when they place them at the right spot ( I’m looking at you, nail cutter). It may seem like a normal activity where you are just “organizing” but its more than that, you need to see which stuff goes where and act accordingly this also gives you sense of what’s it like leading a team, just like the clothes in the wardrobe, every individual in the team may require a different way of communications of what needs to be done.

Organizing your wardrobe has its perks as well, one of them being the reunion of your long lost t-shirt that was so dear to you but went into oblivion and was nowhere to be found. It happened in my case as well with the sudden reaction of “ where was this ??”.

Cleaning up your room is also an advise given by someone who I follow, Dr. Jordan Peterson, A Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor in University of Toronto whose way of thinking and talking made an impact on me. There was this point he made about the youngsters who wants to go out and change the system or accomplish something big as “ clean up your room, that is the part of the world that is actually in your control, see what you can do with it before you venture out and change the big stuff”. After a while, the wardrobe was organized (till my brother needs something from it ) along with the beds and some stuff here and there.

There is a sense of accomplishment in organizing and fixing these little parts of your room, something that can rekindle that flame of “ Maybe I can do all this after all”.

A curious minded fella who's head is over the clouds and beyond most of the time.