Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Time is an important resource of our lives, it is something we won’t be getting back after we’ve spent it. It is also a resource that gets wasted when you are doing a task and a notification comes up on the phone and you then realize that you’ve spent 20+mins on just surfing the social media again.

This frequent behavior delays the work that should be our top priority and then in the end, we are left with panic moments as we try to wrap up those important tasks as quickly as possible just to meet the deadline.

Pomodoro technique aims to tackle the above mentioned scenario, it is a time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The techniques uses a timer to break down the work into intervals. Taking 25mins to complete a task and then take a short break, the individual can mark a tick on a piece of paper when he/she is done with the first interval until there are a total of 4 ticks on the paper.

I applied this method for the completion of a small course which usually took me around 2 hours or more to complete due to some distractions or just zoning out in the middle of it. It took me less then 2 hours this time, which is around 3 intervals of Pomodoro. It did not made a huge difference but it made me get back to my work in case of a distraction because this time it was race against the clock and at the end of each interval, I realize I just spent 25 minutes.

Hence the technique helped me get back into my sense after wandering off because of a distraction.

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