We as a nation, in case of a problem tends to go for the quickest way of solving it before going for the “actual *normal* procedural ” solution. This is known as growth mindset as you tried to solve a problem with a solution that you never did before with a solution you never knew at first.

In order to develop a growth mindset, there are 5 key steps that needs to be followed.

1- Self Talk

I consider this the most important one, in order to take a first step into the unknown, you need to believe that you WILL eventually step on something even if your eyes cant see that. The factor of “ belief towards betterment/success”. A sense of doubt or even joking depreciating yourself contributes to your mindset.

2- Get out of your Comfort Zone

Now connecting it to the first point, in order to step into the unknown, you need to first be willing to step out of the known. The best way to think outside the box is to realize that there isn’t one or the easiest way to think outside the box is to not know where the box is. It is called a comfort zone because it consist of things that you either

3- Create New Habits

In order for the mind to grow, it needs to learn something in a day or two. Which is to break the cycle of doing the same thing over and over again in your day. Human beings are made to be unpredictable, doing the same thing over and over again will make you feel a weird kind of fatigue as if whatever you do, has no gravity at all.

4- Ask People for Help

Human Beings thrives as a whole, there is not a single successful person in life who achieved success on his/her own. There is no shame in taking some advise or holding on to a hand that was reached out to you. As said by the famous Actor James Avery to the character of Will Smith in “Fresh Prince of Bel Air “ :

5-Fake it till you make it

The body language matters, going back the third point where I pointed out “learning something now “ most of the days in a week can also have a start with you saying “ yep, it may be hard but I’m sure I’ll do it “ without knowing what’s might be in the store for you can play a major role in how you want to approach that unknown territory.

I wouldn’t go for favoritism at the moment but the ones I’d love to focus on the most would be self-talk and fake it till you make. As someone who have a dark or messed up sense of humor, it is easy to depreciate yourself and think it wont effect the confidence but in reality it is a drop in the ocean which could build up to less confidence in myself. As someone in a field which require you to jump on a ship with unknown skill set can make shiver at first but a positive attitude might just be first step to tackle that situation.

A curious minded fella who's head is over the clouds and beyond most of the time.