My journey of Amal has come to end, as someone who was a little skeptical about “fate”, it came into my life when I needed it the most along with some unexplainable actions that lead me to it which I still can’t comprehend but just glad that I took those actions.

At our last session, we had a discussion about doing what you like without a worry of work. This can have subjective answers, most would prefer to go all in and forget about your work every once in a while while others prefer to have a small ticking reminder…

Three months from now I took a sudden decision of getting into Amal Fellowship, if you are someone like me you might’ve ignored that text message which was on my SIM ( Its that abandoned area where I still have over 499+ texts) so for this message to get lost in there would’ve been obvious but instead I said “to heck with it” and just applied for it.

Now to demonstrate what it was like before and how it is now, I’ll like to talk about Grass.

She just decided to model for the pic and she’s not some cat to be messed with, trust me.

There are a lot of things around us that we ignore in our…

There are countless moments in my Amal journey so far that had an impact on me and made me genuinely glad that I joined the fellowship. It is that small timeframe in the weekend that has a positive vibe to it and an excitement of learning something new. It was also the people in the fellowship who made it better by helping each other like a family from the first week.

One instance in particular was when we had a topic about gratitude from PASSENGER, we had to draw something on a peace of paper with kind words to someone…

Books 4 all

The Books 4 all project is still going strong with steady work from our group members. As for the recap for the newcomers, Books 4 all is an initiative where we are building a connection between students for used books also aiming to provide the logistics for it. In simple terms, it’s OLX for Books!

Now throughout Mega Project blog 1, we gave a general about the project and how we aim to carry it forward in the future. …

Time is an important resource of our lives, it is something we won’t be getting back after we’ve spent it. It is also a resource that gets wasted when you are doing a task and a notification comes up on the phone and you then realize that you’ve spent 20+mins on just surfing the social media again.

This frequent behavior delays the work that should be our top priority and then in the end, we are left with panic moments as we try to wrap up those important tasks as quickly as possible just to meet the deadline.

Pomodoro technique…

We as a nation, in case of a problem tends to go for the quickest way of solving it before going for the “actual *normal* procedural ” solution. This is known as growth mindset as you tried to solve a problem with a solution that you never did before with a solution you never knew at first.

In order to develop a growth mindset, there are 5 key steps that needs to be followed.

1- Self Talk

I consider this the most important one, in order to take a first step into the unknown, you need to believe that you…

Thoughts of Wisdom

There is a major issue in our society where our younger generation are taught to focus more on the education side, to a point that most of that belonging to the BSEK system are just sheeps in a herd. Until they reach University and have some thinking of their own later on.

Now prior to that university period, they are not taught or advised when it comes to formulating their ideas or thinking process in anyway, hence they choose to follow whoever they think they should and 7/10 times it could be someone who is a bad…

Losing weight and avoidance of unhealthy food.

At the start of the pandemic, when the world was struck by the lockdown everywhere and the government and many other organizations imposed the #WorkFromHome rule. Many people embraced their food eating habit to the next level and went out of shape in a matter of months, many other individuals went into self-realization that they need to do something about their health and body, I was part of the latter.

When it comes to losing weight, some would think it might just be about looking good but once you start on the path you realize it is much more than…

When it comes to choosing what to fix around you, either not many stuff to find can be confusing but too many stuff to fix can be mind boggling as well, nonetheless it gives you an opportunity to fix a lot of things instead of just one.

In terms of all the things that confused me on what to fix? I chose one of my wardrobes as it is one of the places in the room that gets destroyed the most in wedding seasons where you try to find a specific outfit but somehow it *magically* disappears out of nowhere.

Ali Ahmed

A curious minded fella who's head is over the clouds and beyond most of the time.

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